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We welcomed back to the show David Vivancos from Spain to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the space industry as well as other industries on a global level.  Make sure you visit David's website for more information,  During the first segment of our 93 minute program, David took us through a condensed history of AI going back to 1907!  The AI historical summary too us through a good portion of the segment highlighting key events or accomplishments.  Don't mis this AI historical overview. 

Later in the segment, we started addressing AI and space access issues.  David said it was still very costly and fully developed AI to benefit the space industry was not ready.  Listen to his comments in response to the question as they apply to the balance of our discussion.  In his response, he suggested we were not yet able to develop the 3rd category of AI which he described earlier with the other two categories .  The 3rd category has to do with machines smarter than us.  He described the three categories of AI development earlier in this segment.

David talked throughout the segment and the program about algorithm development.  As he started to elaborate on the space industry, he talked about algorithms for life support opportunities plus advanced robotics and robotics designed to enhance human capabilities.  A listener asked David about comments by Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about warnings regarding AI and a possible adverse impact on humans in the future.  David agreed with these concerns, talked about human augmentation and the future of this technology.  I asked if the coming AI advances could be regulated for protection.  Our guest did not think so.  In fact, he said what was being warned about was inevitable, we needed to prepare for it, and at best all that we could possibly do was slow down the timeline for this type of development.  Don't miss all of what our guest had to say on this topic. 

In the second segment, we discussed timelines.  Our guest suggested it might happen sooner than we think or bit by bit over a 25-100 year period.  He said societies around the world were not ready for this to happen and were not thinking properly for this development.  We talked about the coming labor unrest due to AI displacing humans, what to do about it, suggestions by some nations and cities for universal annual incomes for people because of the coming labor displacement due to AI.  Just how such minimum incomes would be paid for and afforded by various governments was unknown.  At one point our guest thought the guaranteed annual income idea might be a good one but affording it would be a challenge.  I asked about job retraining and while our guest said it was possible, he talked about the person wanting to be retrained.  David had very interesting comments to say regarding job retraining.  I also asked if the space industry would be a model industry for these changes.  He said no because the industry was too small.  The changes would happen elsewhere first, within the giant industries of our time, followed by changes in the smaller industrial segments such as space. 

Near the end of our discussion, we talked private sector space as compared to the government sector of space with regards to risk taking.  The DIY and Maker movements came up as well.  I asked David for future trends and he focused on algorithm growth and development. Here, he mentioned the example of a S. Korean company having an algorithm as a full serving member with full rights of the Board of Directors of the company.  We concluded our discussion with our guest posing the question as to AI being either an evolution for us or a revolution.Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this program on TSS website.  You can reach David Vivancos through his website or me.




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10 Mar 2017 David Vivancos
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