Broadcast 906 (Special Edition)

10 Mar 2008 Dr. Eligar Sadeh
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Dr. Eligar Sadeh returned to The Space Show to update us on the recent National Space Forum which was held in Washington, DC. in early February 2008. Dr. Sadeh summarized most of the panels and presentations at the Forum, so we addressed U.S. space policy for the upcoming administration, U.S. space leadership and its effectiveness, space commerce, and civil space. It was brought to his attention that many attending the Forum were disappointed that NewSpace / were not a significant focus of any of the Forums. You will want to listen to this discussion and Dr. Sadeh's comments on this. We also talked about the think tank nature of the Eisenhower Center as well as its planned future programming. In fact, if listeners want to be included in their database and receive notification of their events, please send an email to Dr. Sadeh and let him know your interests, your background, and your contact information. As you will hear with this program, the Forum lived up to its theme, "Space Challenges Facing The New American Administration of 2009." If you have questions or comments for Dr. Sadeh or want to get on the Eisenhower Center list, please send your email to



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