Broadcast 683 (Special Edition)

10 Mar 2007 Mark Hopkins
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Mark Hopkins was the guest for this Space Show program. Mark began the interview with some National Space Society background but then we jumped right into a discussion about space settlement. This space settlement discussion was the primary topic and focus for this program. Mark Hopkins is very well prepared to discuss the importance of space settlement so don't miss this program as its full of new information and different perspectives. We also discussed the potential for killer aps to be drivers for space development and given Mark's academic and economic background, much of what we talked about was from a business/economic point of view. Mark was quick to point out several times during the show the strong support for space settlement by NASA Administrator Dr. Griffin and that this is the best time ever to push for and advocate policies supportive of space settlement. Mark also pointed out to several listeners asking why this was the best time possible for space settlement that now we have a strong developing entrepreneurial community, the global warming issue shows the positive path to solutions through space development and more. His explanations can be adopted by us all for our own discussions with others that made need more persuasion than those listening to The Space Show. Mark also discussed the upcoming ISDC NSS Conference at the end of May in Dallas. Check it out through the links at In fact, there is still time to submit a paper for possible presentation if you are so inclined. Mark Hopkins was most informative and as pointed out earlier, this is a must hear show. You can contact Mark with your questions or additional comments or questions. Please put Space Show in your subject line if sending him email to As always, you can send him your questions and comments through me at



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