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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  John Jossy; Topics:  John reported to us on the recently held ISDC 2022 conference.  He highlights programs, speakers, events, networking and more.

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We welcomed John Jossy back to the program to discuss the recently held ISDC 2022 conference.  During our 97 minute discussion with John, he went over the ISDC highlights from his perspective, talked about major programs and themes such as space solar power, plus the people he met through networking or as speakers and presenters at the conference.  For an overview of John's ISDC report, please check out the tags for this program, repeated below for your convenience.

Tags:  John Jossy, ISDC 2022, NSS, keynote speakers, longer term space prospects discussed, Musk, economic short term setbacks, Space Pioneer Award to the Ingenuity team, nano technology, NewSpace space solar power, SSP policy and more, commercial space challenges, ISS present and future, legal challenges for private space stations, networking, commercial step by step approach for development, SSP technical feasibility, fusion, Public Private Partnerships, cislunar economy, gravity prescription discussion, Jeff Greason's talk on space policy, SpaceX and the lack of competition, LEO, RocketLab, Varda Space, space farming, NASA HUNCH Program for high school students, the Rothblatt Space Settlement Award, robotics, returning to the Moon discussions, John's favorite speakers, student presentations, poster sessions.

John spent significant time during this program talking about the various space solar power programs, speakers and projects.  He also focused on various technologies, especially as proposed by launchers, SpaceX, RocketLab and others.  John spent time on the ISS and hopefully soon to be private space stations.  Don't miss what was said about this eventuality at the conference. 

Space policy was a big part of what John talked about, including space solar power policy.  John mentioned NASA’s new Office of Technology Policy, and Strategy and its upcoming study that will evaluate SSP to determine if it makes sense from a policy and strategy standpoint. At one point he said those advocating for SSP compared the progress being made with progress with fusion energy.  In addition, he said Public Private Partnerships (PPP) were likely the path forward for these new programs and projects, including Artemis.  The cislunar economy was talked about in private networking sessions along with the need to determine the gravity prescription for settlement, something John talks in favor of doing on Space Show programs. 

John focused in a an evening talk given by Jeff Greason on overall space policy.  John said that Jeff talked about why we go to space, property, technology development, the PPP approach and more.  John was impressed by Jeff's talk and he suggested that if it is made available online, all of us should watch it.

For Day 2, John talked about commercial LEO development and the panel on the subject.  RocketLab was the featured speaker at the lunch that day where the speaker mentioned working with Varda Space and others.  Don't miss his summary comments.  John then told us about the NASA HUNCH Program for outreach to high school students for making hardware, software, and more for the ISS.  Next, John mentioned a talk by Loretta Hall on sleeping in space and what we know about space sleep requirements and challenges.  Loretta will soon be back on The Space Show to discuss her work.  Before ending our program, John commented on additional ISDC programming and speakers.

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ISDC 2022 review and summary

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10 Jun 2022 John Jossy
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference