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Guest:  Kent Nebergall;  Topics:  Space settlement possibility, designs, programs, challenges, economics and more.  Check out the guest's website,

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We welcomed Kent Nebergall to the show to discuss his work on space settlement projects.  Be sure to visit his website for more information including settlement designs, plans, concepts and conference presentations.  I started the discussion by asking our guest how and why he developed an interest in space settlement.  Its an history discussion, starting off with his remembering the Apollo-Soyuz Test Flight.  From that point, he paid attention to space, followed the L5 Society, and then in 2004 he met Dr. Zubrin at a conference.  From that point he was neck deep in space and settlement had his attention.

Early on in the discussion Kent had much to say about 1g as a space variable.  This then led him to discuss his 24 grand space settlement challenges.  Our guest discussed a few of the grand challenges such as affordable launch, space debris, radiation, and microgravity but you can  see the entire list with commentary on his slide presentation on his website, just visit (see slide 9).  In addition, while the Tags repeated below summarize our discussion topics, check out his entire settlement presentation videos, slides and papers on his website @  We covered all of those topics but clearly Ken has more information, including designs and all important numbers in his presentation material. 

"Tags:  Kent Nebergall,, space settlement projects, aspiring inventor and entrepreneur resources, Mars Society, space settlement 24 grand challenges, affordable launch, reusability, space debris concerns, food, space health risks, launching tonnage to space, space settlement economics, Kent's space settlement evolving economic timeline, Mars unknowns, biological issues, toxic concerns, off-Earth economic models, hobby vs. mission planners/designers, private space and O'Neill station economics, Kent's 1g designs, reproduction as a settlement grand challenge, children and space settlement, radiation, low gravity, ring structure, biodiversity, Mars life, Phobos as a backup plan,  Inmarsat study What on Earth is the value of space, Elon Musk, Starship, Eureka Mars City Design, terraforming Mars, planetary protection."

We had one excellent phone call by Fremont John who asked about reproduction and children for space settlement as one of Kent's 25 grand challenges.   Kent and John had a somewhat comprehensive discussion this topic which addressed the Eureka Mars City material, radiation concerns, microgravity concerns, magnetic shielding issues and more. The discussion led to the ring concept and even terraforming Mars.  The subject of biodiversity came up as did life on Mars.  Our guest talked about material exchanges between Earth and Mars via meteorites and said if life was discovered, perhaps Phobos would end up serving as a backup plan. Kent went on to describe what he meant regarding Phobos as a backup.  Other topics for this program included the Eureka Mars City Design that John talked about plus terraforming Mars, a small amount on planetary protection plus a few surprises that await you while listening to the program.

As we were approaching the end of the show, I asked our guest about the Inmarsat study, "What on Earth is the value of space?" and what it might mean for the overall space settlement movement as the study was not so favorable toward space in significant demographic groups.  You can see the study here:  Mark Whittington wrote a good brief summary of the study findings which you can find here:  Kent did not seem to be disturbed by the findings but I thought the study was an ominous sign for space development in general on a global basis.   Listen to his comments and then let us know what you think by posting your thoughts on our blog.  Following the study discussion, Kent provided us with a short summary and his plans for advancing his space settlement work.

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Kent introduces us to his space settlement ideas per his recent ISDC presentation and much more

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10 Jul 2022 Kent Nebergall
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