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Guest:  Dr. Bob Krone; Topics:  Space education, The Kepler Space Institute, graduate level courses, research, The Journal of Space Philosophy and much more.


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We welcomed back to the program Dr. Bob Krone to discuss space education today and the new graduate programs at the Kepler Space Institute which provide online space graduate level education from their Florida location.  During our one segment 68 minute program, Dr. Krone summarized the space education history in the U.S. leading up to the Kepler Space Institute (KSI) graduate level programming plus a general space education assessment for2020. You can learn much more about KSI by visiting their website,  In addition, Bob and I uploaded a Power Point presentation to the blog, "Space Future Education And Research" which you can access and/or download.  I urge you to review this presentation as it adds to our discussion.

After the general space education summary, Bob focused on KSI including what it took to develop the university with Florida approvals as it was a long and involved process over many years.  Our guest explained that for now, KSI was offering a certificate program but over time they would offer full master degree course and eventually a doctorate level program.  Listeners asked our guest about the application process, how to be part of the faculty, tuition, and the availability of either on campus classes or online only.  As you will hear, KSI is online only.  Bob did respond to the other "logistical" types of questions but that information is also on the website. If you are interested in being a faculty member at KSI, not what our guest said about the needed qualifications. He suggested you email him to start the discussion.  Bob did provide his email address on air several times during our discussion.

Our guest talked at length about the six courses currently being offered at KSI.  Note too that their semester, which is 45 hours and 12 weeks, just started.  He said students can enroll for up to three weeks after the semester starts.  Don't miss his description of current class offerings plus the professors that will be teaching the class.  In addition, do note the heavy focus on research and a type of independent study for students which are referred to as scholars.  Bob went into great details to explain the KSI usage of the word scholar plus their research methodology.  Later in the discussion, I even commented on their research methodology to make sure we all understood what was a play with KSI.  Two areas that got lots of focus was human factors with space settlement and the need for space leadership.  After those two items, we talked commercial space and entrepreneurship followed by space science and educational outreach followed by space architecture.  As part of this discussion, Bob talked about their systems engineering type of approach to teaching and research.  One listener asked if KSI was planning on competing with other aerospace schools and programs.  Don't miss all of what our guest said in this part of the discussion as it was wide ranging. 

Bob spent much time talking about the KSI Journal of Space Philosophy.  The Journal issues are on their website at  Note what he said about publishing student research work.  Bob went over several of the Journals for us but he did point out one in particular, Vol. 7, No. 2 from Summer 2018, a special edition devoted to and featuring the Dr. Yehezkel Dror Legacy: "Improving Humanity's Prospect."  You can get this special issue at  Bob spent a significant amount of time talking about Dr. Dror and his work . 

Before our program ended, Bob said that KSI was planning a major research methodology symposium for the September 2020 time period in Kansas.  He talked about the need and goal of KSI to blend both qualitative and quantitative research methodology and why that was so important.  Bob will provide us with more details on the symposium as the event takes shape over the next few months.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Krone on TSS blog for this program.  You can reach our guest through me at The Space show or through Bob's email address which he provided on air and his website per above.

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10 Jan 2020 Dr. Bob Krone
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