Broadcast 636 (Special Edition)

10 Dec 2006 Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar
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Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar was the guest for this Space Show program, here to discuss her recent research study, "The Market Study for Space Exploration." As we found out during the program, this study is an important guide to our attitudes toward and perceptions to all aspects of the space program, the VSE, even some segments of the private-sector space program. As much of her research focuses on the 18-25 age group, so did this program. This group is important because if the VSE unfolds on the time table NASA is talking about, this group will be the ones in Congress, working for NASA and other companies, paying the taxes to support the program and keep it going. Understanding the 18-25 age group is vital to the future success of the VSE. Through many listener initiated questions and her own comments, Dr. Dittmar shared with Space Show listeners the important findings about space for the 18-25 age group. For example, 55% of the respondents were somewhat aware of the VSE but this means 45% were not aware. As for supporting our return to the Moon, 29% were interested, 49% neutral, and 23% were disinterested. The study showed opposition to humans on Mars in this group at over 3:1. During the show, Dr. Dittmar shared with us other findings from the survey and many of the conclusions in her work. If you want a copy of this study, check it out at Amazon at In addition, you can search for Dr. Dittmar or the Market Study on and find many comprehensive reports about it and the George Mason University workshop on Building and Maintaining the Constituency for Long-Term Space Exploration as the Dittmar Associates Market Study was an important component of this October 2006 workshop. Dr. Dittmar and Dittmar Associates is considering additional survey/research work in this area. Listeners are invited to offer suggestions for areas and important subjects to study, as well as to offer additional comments and questions for Dr. Dittmar based on her guest appearance on The Space Show. Please e-mail her at In the subject line, you need to put The Space Show to avoid their spam filter. As always, you can forward your comments, questions, and suggestions to me at and I will too will pass them on to Dr. Dittmar. Visit for additional information about her company.



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