Broadcast 1421 (Special Edition)

09 Sep 2010 Berin M Szoka
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Guest: Berin Szoka. Topics: Internet and space analogies for market competition and policy. We welcomed back Berin Szoka to discuss with us the similarities of both internet and space policy for future development. Please remember that you can comment and rate this program on the new Space Show blog at During our discussion, our guest referenced a paper he co-authored, "Cyber-Libertarianism: The Case for Real Internet Freedom. You can download this paper at During our first segment, Mr. Szoka started off by telling us about the upcoming COMSTAC Sept. 17, 11AM EDT telecon on space debris and traffic management. The public is welcome to participate by calling 605-475-4825, Access code 976883#. Contact Mr. Szoka for more information if interested. Berin then started addressing space law and we discussed the new Bob Zubrin idea of the Transorbital Railroad. Berin then began a discussion concerning government regulation, the old Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), and the role of government in the railroads and with the Kelly Airmail Act of 1925, applying both to internet and space regulation. From this point in our discussion, Berin then looked at the long, comprehensive history of government regulation through today to the internet and then space policy. He described Internet and Space Exceptionalism, suggested the best role for government and its application to enable commercial and market development, and suggested positive actions for government to take with regards to regulation. In our second segment, Todd from San Diego asked how we could have a meaningful debate given the state of our educational system, the lack of a real fact based media, and the amount of time it takes to research and do due diligence in searching the internet for accurate facts on important stories and events rather than relying on traditional and new media. Berin had much to say to Todd on this issue. A few minutes later, Bryan called in to say that he did not think we could move forward by using the same technology to go to space and we needed new breakthrough technology to LEO to really see change take place. Berin agreed and had much to say about this issue as well, including our risk averseness which he said was a real problem. During this segment, Berin went into more detail regarding space libertarianism and space exceptionalism. He said we often must select a course that is far from perfect, that is, we must choose that which is "less bad." Berin also talked about the track record of government operating transportation systems, including the space shuttle, as compared to private sector operations and control As we neared the end of the program, Berin said he writes articles at for those of you wanting to follow his work on these subjects. At the very end of the program, he talked about vision and suggested the book "The Vision of the Anointed" by Thomas Sowell. If you have questions or comments for Berin Szoka, please email him at



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