Broadcast 1440 (Special Edition)

09 Oct 2010 Joshua Neubert, Hung-Jen Wu
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Guests: Josh Neubert, Hung-Jen Wu. Topics: The Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Awards Program. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, We welcomed back Josh Neubert of the Conrad Foundation and Hun-Jen Wu, Co-Chair, Alumni Committee for the Spirit of Innovation Awards Program. We started our program with Josh giving us an overview of the Conrad Foundation, Pete Conrad, and the Spirit of Innovation Awards. We talked about the award categories, the high schools that participated, and the participating teams. As you will hear, the awards were in three areas, aerospace exploration, clean energy, and the new section for cyber security. Hung-Jen spoke to us about the future business leaders and the commercial nature of the awards program. In our second segment, we talked about the complete experience of being involved in the awards program and the Alumni Committee and its work with the new contestants/participants. A listener asked how the Conrad Foundation leveled the playing field for schools that are not strong in science compared to those that have a quality science program. As you will hear, they level the field through their outstanding mentor program. Others asked how people find out about the awards and Josh said the main thing was their website. Visit their site, Another listener asked Hung-Jen about high school peer pressure and how his team was regarded and viewed by the other students. This was a very interesting and encouraging discussion. In our third and final segment, we talked about the Innovation Summit held at NASA Ames each spring and we looked into the future to see what was being planned for the Spirit Awards five years out. The Foundation is considering going into middle schools and there is a pilot program underway to test that idea. Josh also talked about their portal concept which is about mentoring and connecting the winning teams with business professionals that can help transition the project into a commercially successful venture. Hung-Jen talked about his idea of goals for the future and both Josh and Hung-Jen focused on getting more responses and involvement with teachers. If you have questions or comments for either of our guests, you can post them on the Space Show blog URL above. You can also use and in the subject line reference The Space Show with Josh and Hung-Jen.



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