Broadcast 268 (Special Edition)

09 Oct 2004 Dr. Michael Duke
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Dr. Michael Duke, Director of the Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space at the Colorado School of Mines which is a NASA Space Commercialization Center, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Duke explained what a NASA Space Commercialization Center is and talked about the variety of space programs in his department and at the school. He also talked about the need to go back to the Moon and what the plausible commercial possibilities are for the Moon. We also talked about commercial opportunities on nearby asteroids, nearby space in general and on Mars. He was asked several questions about Helium 3 and its uses here on Earth and in space, the back side of the Moon and communications as well as commercial opportunities, and more. We also discussed the possibility of commercial products from lunar soil, bringing such products back to Earth and using the Moon and its resources as a type of way station for going deeper and further into space. Listeners asked Professor Duke about the students in the program today versus students in the past, wanting to know if there was any difference in the interest level of today's students in space than in the past. Also, if their education was different today than in the past. Dr. Duke covered many other topics regarding space, space access, energy, the Moon, Mars and beyond. You will certainly want to hear this program.



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