Broadcast 711 (Special Edition)

09 May 2007 Thomas A. Olson, Dr. Paul Eckert, Eva-Jane Lark
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Paul Eckert, Tom Olson & Eva-Jane Lark were the guests for this Space Show program to discuss the recently held Space Investment Summit ( This program focused on the Summit but also on space investment and space commerce. We noted many of the positive changes that have taken place over time, the quality of those attending this particular conference, speakers and presenters which can be found on the above referenced website, and the timing for such a summit. We also learned that this group is planning another of these high powered commercial space investment summits for the fall 2007. We talked about angel investors, business planning, management, commercial opportunities, why the large contractors are sponsoring and supporting these conferences/summits and much more. Paul, Eva-Jane and Tom responded to listener questions and details about this particular Summit from their own unique perspective so you the listener will get a well-rounded summary of not just the summit, but the market, the attitudes, and the availability of professional investment funding for New Space Ventures. You can find out more about coming Space Investment Summits or ask questions about this program or the recently held program by sending your email to Please be sure to put Space Show in the subject line.



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