Broadcast 1118 (Special Edition)

09 Mar 2009 Jim Funaro
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Guest: Jim Funaro. Topics: Contact Conference, NASA Ames, ET contact, anthropology, science fiction, Mars, SETI, Mars Phoenix Mission. Jim Funaro returned to discuss with us the upcoming Contact Conference to be held at NASA Ames from April 3-5, 2009. NASA Ames is located in Mountain View, California. You can find out more about the conference, the Contact group, register online, and make hotel reservations on the Ames base by visiting . Jim told us about many of the speakers and their presentation topics and as you will hear, it’s a stellar line-up. As this conference will be the Silver Anniversary of Contact, many special events have been planned, so listen to what Jim has to say about this year's event. We also talked about the importance of anthropology in space studies and the openness in the field to space and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. We compared and contrasted this with the field of sociology, especially where astrosociology was concerned. Jim spoke about the logistics of the conference and special rates for students, seniors, and others. He mentioned an email newsletter group that listeners can join as it will keep one informed on the Contact Conference as well as Contact related events and subjects. To subscribe, send an email to and ask to be placed on the Contact email group. Tell Professor Riner you heard about the email group from Jim Funaro on today's Space Show program. If you can, consider attending this year's conference. I promise you that it will be informative and you will meet outstanding people and engage in a different perspective regarding space development and our becoming space-faring than what you might normally come in contact or associate with as this is a very tight, unique, and well informed group. If you have questions or comments for Jim Funaro about anthropology, the Contact Conference or anything else, please send them to him at . Make sure you reference The Space Show in your email subject line.



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