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Theresa Hitchens, Executive Director of the World Security Institute's Center for Defense Information, was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our interview by asking Ms. Hitchens about the recent U.S. shoot-down of its ailing satellite and considering this event from the perspective on U.S. space policy and how others around the world see us as a nation. Don't miss this important discussion. We then discussed U.S. space policy now and for the future by looking at space weapons, ASAT policy, national defense, budgets, and more. Ms. Hitchens explained several times during the program just why such weapons do not increase security or protect space assets. In fact, they do just the opposite! You will want to hear this discussion to learn why. In the context of U.S. space policy, we talked about the VSE, NASA and its funding, and much more. A listener asked about establishing a separate military force for space, potentially removing Space Command from the USAF. Another listener asked how our policy was perceived by our close European allies as well as other nations and another asked if the current NASA should be given additional funding. Ms. Hitchens stated she was for increasing NASA's budget, but the magic number is not known. This led to another listener question about how many projects NASA can take on without leading to problems or failures with existing projects. She did not know the answer, but thought this would be an excellent research project by the GAO. In the last segment of the show, she was asked how we in the space community could be more effective in advocating and lobbying for a good space policy and program. She put forth a multi-step program which I urge each of you listen to and consider following. It's excellent. In response to another listener question, she discussed the future of space policy. Also, visit the Center for Defense Information website ( as many papers are there that relate to today's discussion and space policy. If you have additional comments or questions for Theresa Hitchens, please send them to her at



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09 Mar 2008 Theresa Hitchens
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