Broadcast 202 (Special Edition)

09 Mar 2004 Mr. Henry Vanderbilt
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Henry Vanderbilt returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss the upcoming Space Access Society Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and much more. In addition to talking about the conference, who will be attending, speaking, and the major topics, we discussed the need for affordable access, the suborbital industry, X-Prize, and why any of this should matter. In response to questions from listeners, Mr. Vanderbilt talked about companies outside the United States involved in the suborbital program as well as X-Prize. He also mentioned the proposed NASA prize program, Centennial, the new space policy initiative by President Bush and necessary reforms and changes within NASA. He also responded to listener concerns about a military presence in space, explaining that as space commerce, science, and civilian space activities increase, the role of the military in space diminishes. Mr. Vanderbilt's perspective is derived from the need to have affordable space access. It is important to realize this goal and this discussion with Henry Vanderbilt certainly makes an excellent case for achieving this goal sooner rather than later.



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