Broadcast 958 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Jun 2008 Chris Carberry
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Guest: Chris Carberry, Executive Director of The Mars Society, returned for this Space Show program. As Chris was in attendance at ISDC 2008, we opened our discussion with a review of the presidential candidates' representatives who made presentations at ISDC this year. Here we talked about the questions asked by Miles O'Brien of CNN, the lack of knowledge by the representatives about important space issues such as ITAR, and the overall disappointment felt across the board by the poor showing and low level of interest evidenced during this sessions by those on the panel. Listen to our discussion for the full details of what went down during this ISDC program. Also, you may be able to see it on the CSPAN website by doing a search for ISDC 2008 or NSS. We talked about the idea of the candidates engaging in Town Hall meetings across the country and the best way for us to get into these meetings to ask space relevant questions even though the questions are often pre-screened to avoid certain issues, such as space. Chris gives us some good guidelines and stresses the importance of us all working to ask space questions of the presidential candidates. We also talked about the upcoming Mars Society annual conference which is in Boulder, CO from August 14-17, 2008. Online registration is now available on the Mars Society website : Click here for a list of keynote speakers including Elon Musk of Space X and more : Chris and I, along with listener questions, spoke about the importance of space advocacy and conferences, especially this year with the presidential election just around the corner. You can send your questions or comments to Chris Carberry about presidential politics and space policy, the Mars Society, or its upcoming conference at



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