Broadcast 978 (Special Edition)

09 Jul 2008 William Watson
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Guest: William Watson, Executive Director of The Space Frontier Foundation, was the guest for this special program to discuss the important upcoming NewSpace 2008 Conference, July 17-19, 2008 at the Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia (please see their website Will went over the agenda with us as several speakers and events have now been finalized for this event. In addition, Michael Potter called in regarding the "Orphans of Apollo" program scheduled for Friday evening. You can learn more about this great film by listening to Michael when he was recently a guest on The Space Show on March 24, 2008. Several listeners asked questions about conference logistics and Will explained that the online registration closes soon, meaning you will only be able to register at the door and at a higher price. For those of you planning to attend who have not yet registered, please do so online. The same is true for the hotel because their rates skyrocket once the conference hold is lifted in a few days. Check out the agenda for the conference, the exhibitors that will be there, and there is a list of sponsors, all on the above website. If you have conference questions or comments or questions for Will about this program, his email address is at the top of the conference agenda on the website or use



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