Broadcast 1287 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dr. Phil Chapman. Topics: SSP, Climate issues, RLVs. Dr. Phil Chapman returned to The Space Show with this program to discuss space solar power satellites, climate issues, and commercial space launchers in comparison to traditional government launchers. You can learn more by visiting Dr. Chapman's blog which will be operational in a few days, In our first segment, Phil talked about solar powered satellites and climate issues. He was very clear in pointing out the scientific problems with carbon climate claims and cited several scientific facts and studies as reference. He also talked about the political mindset of politicians and their either disregard of science or ignorance. Phil provided several reputable organizations and websites that follow important solar changes and influences which impact Earth's climate. We talked about sunspots and other solar influences and I asked him about sunspots playing a minor role in our climate given recent Space Show programs with other guests. Phil cited recent reviewed studies saying just the opposite so listen to what he had to say. We also talked about energy solutions for the developing and poor nations and the impact of the UN policies as well as some conservation methods on available energy to these nations. At the end of this segment, Dr. Rygalov asked about SPS, space development and a possible time frame extending to 2050. Listen to his question which I read from his email and what Dr. Chapman had to say in response. As we started the second segment which went through the end of the show (no third segment today), Charles called form Mojave to express some of his alternative views and solutions and found some common agreement with Phil. You want to hear this conversation, for sure. Phil then talked about ground based fusion, the work of Dr. Bussard which is continuing, and Tokomaks which he criticized. Jack asked him for the three most promising new technologies for low cost energy and as you will hear, Dr. Chapman suggested nuclear with Gen 5 reactors, SSP, and alternative fusion based on boron. In returning to the SSP discussion, he said the business case closes if launch costs are low enough and we need the RLV to lower launch costs. Jack asked him why he was opposed to the Space Shuttle and Phil responded with a comprehensive answer which you do not want to miss. Lee sent in an email question asking about gov. interference over time in the development of an SSP demo project. Phil responded that he was not supportive of a demo project and you will want to hear his full reasoning in this part of the discussion. He also advocated the private sector doing SSP, not government. We then talked about improvements needed in the North American power grid. He said the improvements and costs depend on what one wants to do with the grid and the type and method selected for adding new power supplies to the grid. We asked Dr. Chapman about the Solaren and PG&E business deal to bring space solar power to PG&E customers. I pushed Phil to the wall on this and asked what additional percent he was willing to pay PG& to receive space solar power. Listen to his response. Rectennas were discussed as was the effectiveness of space advocacy. Phil advocated NSS for its library on SSP material. In concluding, he said the issues facing space development and society are not technical, they are political. He urged us to pay attention and make sure those in office respond to the people they serve and not play politics with our future. How we accomplish this remains to be seen. If you have a comment or question for Dr. Phil Chapman, please send it to philchapmanATsbcglobalDOTnet.



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09 Jan 2010 Dr. Philip Chapman
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