Broadcast 296 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Jan 2005 Marc Schlather
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Marc Schlather was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. We began the interview with Mr. Schlather telling us about ProSpace, why and how it was formed, and about the superb ProSpace program, March Storm. Mr. Schlather discussed March Storm in some detail throughout the program and interested Space Show listeners can learn more about it by visiting During this program, we were treated to a comprehensive analysis of most things impacting the alt as well as the traditional commercial and civil space world. Not only did we discuss the new U.S. Space Transportation Policy just signed into law by President Bush, but also the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act, and much more, including heavy lift launch vehicles, the international or global space effort and community, potential new NASA administrators, Hubble, space lobbying, full cost accounting for NASA, return to flight and much more. If you want an insider briefing on what's what with the space community, this is the program to hear.



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