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We welcomed back Frank White with Hans Gubbels who hosted The Overview Effect Symposium in Nov. 2017 from Kerkrade, The Netherlands.  Hans was only with us for the first half of this 65 minute one segment program. We started out with Frank introducing us to The Overview Effect Symposium and to Hans who led the discussion for most of the first half of the program.  Hans talked about the Symposium, how he got interested in The Overview Effect, and what he has done to work on creating an Overview Effect with projection in the museum programs he manages in this southern part of The Netherlands.  You can find out more about the symposium at  Make sure you set the website for your preferred language.  I found their methodology most interesting, that is how they "eased" people into the symposium and discussion.  The projection video they described sounds wonderful and I hope to see it someday.

During this first 30 minutes, we talked about the program, those attending, educational outreach, school outreach, and Overview Effect tools in use now and to be designed for future use in talking about and spreading the word about The Overview Effect.  Our discuss was extensive so do listen.  Lots of good themes and concepts came up so perhaps they will show up in blog posts for this show.

Let me add some additional thoughts to our discussion today.  First, several listeners sent in thoughtful emails, including one about being grounded here on Earth, not going to space, but still experiencing a type of Overview Effect.  For this listener, please post on the blog as Frank would like to engage you in a discussion.  In addition, several interesting Overview Effect themes were brought up in the Q&A so for those of you inclined to do so, please post comments on the blog.  Frank would like to see discussions about these topics and themes so post away!

In the second half of our program, Frank picked up on the educational experience here in the States re The Overview Effect, comparing and contrasting it to what Hans talked about just before he had to leave the show.  He said kids were very interested in space but that he thought it would be useful to prepare younger students before introducing them to The Overview Effect.  Don't miss all of what Frank said on this topic. 

Frank described an educational project that was developing in Europe with a Dutch astronaut. The project, The Space Bus, was being designed to reach out and talk to Dutch students and expose them to The Overview Effect.  It sounded like a really cool project and we talked about it coming to this side of the Atlantic.  Again, don't miss what Frank had to say about this project. 

A listener asked Frank if it was possible to get public funding support for The Overview Effect.  Frank talked about Hans having some public funding support in the Netherlands due to the three museums he manages and he noted that it was very helpful.  Frank said he was looking into some sort of pubic type of support for The Overview Effect.  Ideas on this are certainly welcome.  Another listener asked if the 4th edition of his book built on everything that was in the first and earlier editions or if material is deleted as new material is added.  Frank's answer might surprise you so don't miss what he said.

We spent considerable time talking about interviewing astronauts.  I asked Frank about the near term possibility of interviewing commercial astronauts for the first time.  We talked about interviews by gender, age, preflight interviews and more.  Before we ended our discussion, we talked about the Symposium planned for Nov. 2018, also in Kerkrade.  A listener then asked Frank if he had ever talked to astronauts that had not experienced the Overview Effect.  Frank had much to say in response to this listener and talked about The Overview Effect having the potential to be definitional and representative of different world views, thus it might be described differently by various people.  Before we ended, we got the question about being stuck on Earth but still having The Overview Effect.  Blog posts on this topic are certainly welcome and I hope the listener who asked the question will comment as Frank would like to get in touch with you. 

Frank offered us important concluding comments so don't miss them.  Before we signed off, we talked about the program coming on Friday, Feb.  16 with Rick Tumlinson regarding the website 2211 project (see  Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog.  You can reach Frank or Hans through me or their websites.  The website for The Overview Effect Institute is




The Overview Effect Symposium

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09 Feb 2018 Frank White, Hans Gubbels
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