Broadcast 849 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Dec 2007 Dr. Dan Barry
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Guest: Dr. Dan Barry; Open Lines. Dr. Dan Barry, retired astronaut, space walker, and medical doctor was the guest for the first hour of this Space Show program. Dr. Barry provided us with a comprehensive look at space-walking and the experience in space, the training, and expectations leading up to the space walk. As a result of a listener question, we learned how an astronaut is selected for a ride to space as well for EVA training and an initial space walk or for additional space walks. Another listener asked about the possibility of spaceflight participants being able to perform a space walk. Make sure you hear what Dan has to say about this. We also discussed the space vision and its importance, excitement, and power. I asked Dan about the Overview Effect and transcendental experiences as a result of a question from a Sedona, AZ listener, who wanted to know if any experiments regarding increased psychic energy/telepathy experiences in space rather than inside with some sort of atmospheric barrier. You will definitely want to hear this part of the discussion. Dan also talked about the view of the Earth from inside the Shuttle as compared to outside in a space walk. Again, a must hear description. Toward the end of the show, we switched topics to robotics as Dan is working on building “life assist” robotics. He said our culture was still primitive in our robotic capabilities and we talked about robotic substitutes for people and things we use now for help, comfort, and assistance. Even the subject of a robotic-like pet came up. This is a very interesting discussion. If you have a question or comment for Dr. Dan Barry, please send it to me at and I will forward it. The last 50 minutes of the program was Open Lines. I fielded questions about The Space Show website, search capabilities on the website, and even a possible chat program. A question came in from Georgia about the possible impact of the Mojave Spaceport having its license suspended or revoked by AST and in the process of saying “I doubt it would be a big thing,” caller Charles Pooley who is at Mojave with his Microlaunchers company called in to talk about it in some detail. Charles remained with us talking about fuels, rockets, Mojave, and much more through the end of the show and this Open Lines segment.



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