Broadcast 176 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Dec 2003 Frank Sietzen
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Frank Sietzen returned as a Space Show guest to discuss the new space policy being talked about and promoted that President Bush is likely to announced within the next few weeks. Mr. Sietzen goes into great detail regarding the history of the talked about policy, who in the Bush administration is supporting and promoting it, and what it is likely to contain. He also talks at great length about the timing of the policy and the importance of it to the Bush Administration, Congress, NASA, and the American people. In addition, toward the end of the program, Mr. Sietzen talks about SpaceX, the company he now works for as its Washington, DC representative. He describes the SpaceX mission and launch plan for its coming Falcon launches. Another great and timely Space Show and we are all grateful to Frank for returning to update us on both of these important topics.



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