Broadcast 373 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Aug 2005 David M. Harland
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David M. Harland was the guest for this Space Show program from his home in Glasgow, Scotland. We began the interview discussing his new book, "How NASA Learned To Fly In Space: An exciting account of the Gemini missions." Mr. Harland explained that it was the Gemini missions that provided the training and the know-how to carry out rendezvous in space, docking, space walking, orbital operations and more. In response to a question, he compared the way the Soviet systems operated to the American systems in that the American systems were far more computer driven while the Soviet systems were not so computerized, nor did the Soviets rely on manuals for their information and instructions. Mr. Harland talked about risk taking in the Gemini program and compared it to risk taking in NASA today. We also talked about the ISS, space tourism, and the space elevator. Check out Mr. Harland's homepage for all his books and titles and additional information at and at Mr. Harland can be reached by e-mail at the address on his home page or as always by sending your message to me at



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