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Guest:  Open Lines with a special appearance by Dr. John Jurist;  Topics: A response to the Jim Davis blog post re SpaceX and relevance, tardigrades, planetary protection, Outer Space Treaty and more.

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Welcome to our one segment 1 hour 50 minute Open Lines program.  We started the program by bringing on special guest Dr. John Jurist to join with me in responding to the Jim Davis blog post regarding our 15 year old paper (with co-author Dr. Sam Dinkin) dated Sept. 4.  Listeners asked both Dr. Jurist and myself many questions as we responded to what Jim was asking us in his blog post plus other questions posed by callers and those using email.  For the most part, Mr. Davis was wondering if our 2005 paper was out of date due to the progress SpaceX had made in rocket development and reusability. John and I discussed our 2005 paper in the context of the Davis questions.   The additional listener emails and calls expanded the topics but we still fielded them in the context of our paper and the time period of events 15 years ago. This segment was the complete first hour of our Open Lines program.  Your comments on our discussion are welcome so post on the blog.

The second hour of today's Open Lines program was a more traditional Open Lines discussion covering several topics suggested by the callers and those sending in emails.  We covered many topics suggested by callers and a few emails. For example, attorney Michael Listener called to add to our previous tardigrade discussion, planetary protection rules and regulations, Outer Space Treaty issues with the various OST articles and even the concept of a space crime.  Don't miss Michael's call.  It was a god one and covered many current and very topical issues being discussed in space news at this time.

John Hunt called again to express his concern with Musk and others who plan to load up LEO with smallsats.  John was worried about overcrowding and potential debris and accidental collisions.  What do you think?  Let us know with your blog posts.

Rick Kwan called to talk about SpaceX and Starlink, the Starlink thrusters and lead time that might be needed to move a satellite to avoid a collision.  We talked about automated awareness issues and more.  Before the program ended, we went over future Space Show programming out through the end of 2019.

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Open Lines - The topics you want to talk about. First time callers wanted. Space, STEM, STEAM & Science topics welcome

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08 Sep 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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