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Guests: David Faulkner, Paul Metz, Dr. George Law, and Ed Linhart of Rocketplane Global, Inc., were the guests on this Space Show program. We began our discussion with Dave Faulkner updating us on Rocketplane Global and what has transpired since Dave was last on the show. After a short update, Dave brought each of our guests on air discussing different aspects of the new, revised Rocketplane. A listener asked each guest what there was about Rocketplane which attracted them to come to the company and work to build it given the well-known publicity about the company's economic, labor, and related problems. You will want to hear how each guest replies to this question. Note that both Paul and Ed responded to the question at the top of the second segment. There were lots of questions about safety, the flight profile, main engine cut off, and the short sleeve cabin that Rocketplane will use. Many questions were asked about the current business environment for raising capital, investor needs, and closing the business case for Rocketplane. We also learned about the Oklahoma Spaceport program for school kids with a communication and mission control center for furthering space education. One series of questions, specifically addressed to Paul Metz, was about the most challenging and high performance plane he had flown and then how he thought that would compare to flying the Rocketplane. You won't want to miss what Paul Metz had to say about this. Towards the end of this program, Chuck Lauer called the show and we talked about the Kit Kat prize of a Rocketplane ride to the stewardess in France. Chuck explained the program and let us know that there would be other drawings from Kit Kat and Nestlé for more Rocketplane rides. When asked if any rides would be won in the U.S., unfortunately the answer was no. One listener asked a series of questions about selling tickets in advance of the vehicle being created and the use of an Informed Consent Agreement. We will continue to follow the Rocketplane progress and I am sure we will do more programming with the team when warranted. If you have a question or comment for any member of the Rocketplane team on this show today, please send it to me at and I will forward it on your behalf.



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08 Sep 2008 David Faulkner, Dr. George Law, Edward Linhart, Paul Metz
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