Broadcast 3201 Yalda Mousavinia

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Guest:  Yalda Mousavinia;  Topics:, Space Cooperative, blockchain space development, Open Source, cryptocurrency usage, collaborative networks for space and more. 

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We welcomed Yalda back to the show for this two segment 88 minute discussion about SpacedeCentral.Net (  Please refer to the website for additional information during our discussion.  Note that is part of the larger structure found under the Space Cooperative which our guest has discussed on prior Space Show programs. 

Yalda started the discussion by introducing us to Space decentral and their team's concept of developing an open source social network for space development.  Yalda spent a good part of the first segment describing the collaborative nature of their venture plus their first project which has their focus, Coral.  Check out the Coral project at  Yalda talked about their blog, how to participate in the project, and future projects that will be undertaken down the road by their organization.  In addition, Yalda explained the importance of 3D printing and other advanced technologies to their business and operational concept plus she mentioned the trends toward renewed interest in returning to the Moon, citing the Airbus contest, The Moon Race as an example. 

Listeners asked several email questions during both segments of our program.  Several of the questions focused on Yalda's earlier Space Show discussions regarding the use of cryptocurrency, wanting to know if that was part of SpaceDecentral. The short answer was yes but listen to all of what Yalda said about cryptocurrency as the subject came up in both segments.  Also, LEO space stations in an equatorial orbit and the work of Al Globus came.  Yalda said she had reached out to Al and we might see some sort of project re LEO stations in the not too distant future.

Before the end of the segment, we talked about Mars and the Space Mission Activation Process.  Listener Carol wanted to know if getting involved in Coral or other projects was OK for a high school age student.  Before the segment ended, I asked Yalda where Space Decentral would be in five years.   Her response let us to the opening discussion for the second segment.

We started the second segment talking about Yalda's assumptions that people want what SpaceDecentral is doing. I asked our guest how she knew that. Were there marketing studies, surveys, any type of feedback supporting her assumptions?  Yalda said there were no formal studies or anything like that but based on her talks that she gives around the world and hearing from people in different countries, the was no doubt of the strong interest in space development and the approach and projects they were talking about. 

Later in this segment we talked about NASA and their program and their participation in NIAC.   A listener sent Yalda a note referencing her many comments using the term blockchain.  Yalda was asked to give us a good working definition of blockchain which she did so listen to all of what she said on this subject.  Post your comments on it on our blog.  Another listener asked her for trends that she might be seeing on a global basis regarding blockchain and becoming space fairing.  Yalda spoke to the growing international interest in space development, then Jane asked a question about SpaceDecentral engaging older people.  Don't miss what she had to say about their company demographics.  I then asked Yalda about recent news articles and the decline in value of Bitcoin since Yalda had previously championed cryptocurrency.  Don't miss what she sad about the Bitcoin market and related items plus why it was important to not have a central authority.  This discussion took us to the end of the show.

Yalda offered us closing comments and provided her contact information should you have the need to follow up with her.  Do let us know what you think regarding the SpaceDecentral plan.  Again, post on our blog.

Please post your comments and questions on our blog for this show. You can reach Yalda through me or the address she provided in her closing comments to the program.



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08 Oct 2018 Yalda Mousavinia
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