Broadcast 620 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

08 Nov 2006 Dr. Thomas Matula
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Dr. Tom Matula returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Matula has a specialty in private spaceports so we began the discussion talking about spaceports in New Mexico and elsewhere. Dr. Matula addressed financing and market issues, political risks, orbital and suborbital destinations, and more. He provided us with a comprehensive analysis of the developing spaceport industry, the markets for the spaceports and the likely timing and commercial success of various spaceports under development or consideration. We then discussed the space ramifications regarding the recent congressional election. As he pointed out, much of the public program involving NASA is seen as a jobs program by members of congress and Tom pointed out the pro NASA members of Congress with a substantial NASA presence in the district. He does not feel that there will be major changes in the public space program. Regarding the private program, he is less sure of this because of the risk element and the desire by some members of Congress now part of the majority party that are bent on regulation. I suspect this is more of a wait and see position. You will want to hear his full comments on this topic. Several listener questions came up regarding political risk, competition with China and India in the space program and the relationship of the private spaceport with the present day federal spaceports. This program discusses many other related topics that you will find most interesting. You can send your comments and questions to Dr. Matula through me at



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