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Guest:  Jose Ocasio-Christian;  Topics:  Caelus Partners and The Caelus Foundation Community in Space Campaign, their upcoming opening dialog workshop with China on commercializing space and much more. 

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We welcomed back to the show Jose Ocasio-Christian for a one segment 91 minute discussion regarding work done and being done by Caelus Partners plus The Caelus Foundation.  After our guest provided us an introduction to both Caelus Partners then The Caelus Foundation, explaining what each is and what each does (they are not the same), we talked about the need to have dialogs with other nations on the question of just how to accomplish commercial space along with just how much commercial space can be accomplished given restraints and conditions discussed by our guest during this program.  I pointed out that his approach to discuss how much commercial space might be possible was quite unique and different from what we normally hear and talk about on The Space Show.  Jose's response was most interesting so be sure you listen carefully to this early part of our discussion as we built on it for the balance of our program. 

We talked about the upcoming Caelus Foundation workshop in China on commercial space and how much commercial space might be possible with China and the US plus lots of related issues brought up through listener questions and my questions.  Jose also talked in detail about the finding from their Communities In Space Program.  Rather than providing you with a detailed summary of this discussion which was complex at times, I urge you to check out, read and review the PDF documents I uploaded to our blog, all of which were provided for you by our guest.  These four PDF papers get to the heart of what we discussed today, forming not only a foundation for our discussion, but also an understanding of the unique approach and work being undertaken by Jose and his Foundation team plus supporting team and organizations.  

The Chinese-Caelus workshop discussed in this program and in the attached PDF documents will be held in China on April 25 of this year.  As you will hear, it will be three hour workshop.  No press, no recording devices, no media will be permitted.  About 100 people will be there.  During a call from listener Dallas, the attendance and registration for the workshop was brought up so do listen to what Jose said about attending, registration, and obtaining visas.  Notices will be posted on the Caelus website or you can contact Jose for more details but it is a limited group that will be attending due to the very specific agenda for this workshop.  Again, I refer you to the PDF documents attached to our blog as those papers will provide you with substantially more information than I am able to provide in this short summary.  By the way, the Caelus Partners website address is  I asked Jose to return to The Space Show post workshop to update us on their discussion with China on the commercial space agenda items discussed in this Space Show program.

Jose provided us with excellent closing comments regarding the need for dialogs with commercial space nations and others.  He repeated why commercial space going into the future was so important for everyone. He also referenced relevant examples including cancer research  He urged everyone to read the documents that he would be sending me for upload to the blog (they are on the blog at this time).

Please post your comments/questions for Jose on our blog and let us know if you read the PDF documents.  We are both interested in your perspectives and hearing from you.  You can reach Jose through me or Caelus Partners.

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08 Mar 2019 Jose Ocasio-Christian
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