Broadcast 1525 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Open Lines discussion with Space Show listeners on numerous topics. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH A MALFUNCTIONING PIECE OF EQUIPMENT, THERE IS NO AUDIO RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. WE DO APOLOGIZE FOR THIS. THE PROBLEM WILL BE REPAIRED BEFORE THE NEXT SPACE SHOW PROGRAM. AS A RESULT OF THIS GLITCH, THERE WILL BE A FOLLOW UP OPEN LINES PROGRAM ON TUESDAY, MARCH 29TH. One last thing. I need a favor from you. I need your Open Lines feedback. During this program I almost ended it early due to the lack of listener phone calls. I would appreciate listener feedback on how to make Open Lines a better, more interesting program with far more listener participation and diversification than there is currently for these programs. Please let me hear from you with your suggestions on ways to improve Open Lines. While there is no audio recording for this program, Open Lines talking points included the newly released Decadal Survey. Search for " Planetary Science in the decade 2013-2022" to download your copy of the report. We also discussed the Senate FY 11 budget recommendations, specifically how they were directing NASA on the Exploration budget. Another talking point topic was the Journal of Cosmology reviewed article by Dr. Richard Hoover of MSFC regarding evidence of alien life on a meterite. I mentioned the updated Discovery survey by Amnon Govrin which is on his blog at The Time Magazine March 3, 2011 article by Fareed Zakaria "Are America's Best Days Behind Us" was discussed and I strongly urge listener to read the article. You can find it at,8599,2056610,00.html. Another talking point for this program was the Interfax news item "Russian, U.S. Experts Discuss Joint Space Exploration." Charles called in regarding the RLV news items about the need for an allied organization for the NASA Nanosat Challenge program. A few listeners discussed the newly released "Planetary Science in the decade 2013-2022" report referred to as the Decadal Survey. Trent phoned in from Australia about his YouTube Congressional/NASA parody. You can see it at (Rohrabacher Pitches To Bolden). Trent also discussed aspects of the Australian space program which he indicated was not very strong. John from Atlanta called in twice, once about reusability and recovering first stages in the ocean and later about the Time article. Again, I apologize for the glitch that has prevented me from having an audio copy for archiving and podcasting this show. You can still post a comment on the blog URL above or comment by sending me an email at



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08 Mar 2011 Dr. David Livingston
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