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Guest:  John Blincow; Topics:  Orbital assembly, the tools being used, space hotels and tourists, investing and funding plus lots more.  Check out, and

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We welcomed John Blincow back to the show to discuss the work of The Gateway Foundation, the spinoff businesses with a focus on orbital assembly and the human space station, Voyager Station.  Please see the above websites for each venture.  John started our discussion by introducing us to the gravity ring, orbital assembly, and the Voyager Station.  He talked about the new construction machinery that can be used for quick orbital construction and assembly. At one point he talked about completed projects in 48 hours.  The Gravity Ring which you can see pictures of at the site was the first big topic.  You can see pictures here:  Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you will see it on the lower right side of the home page.  Be sure to listen to what he said about the gravity ring. 

Listeners began sending in email questions early in the program.  Todd was first with a question about funding for all of his ventures.  In his response, John further described their terrestrial and LEO construction plans, he talked about the ISS and related applications, NASA outreach plus both private and public sector funding opportunities. 

Dallas called to inquire if the gravity ring was pressurized.  The answer was no with John making clear it was not for humans.  In fact, the gravity ring, as you will hear him clarify after my questions, is a form of on orbit centrifuge to help determine the needed gravity RX for humans in space. To this end, John said that it was designed to first work with simulated lunar gravity but that they could modify the 1.3 rpm spinoff rate to something with a higher gravity ratio.

John spent time talking about the Voyager Station, the space hotel, and various spin rates with their impact on humans. The very fast Voyager Station construction time was discussed as well.  Andrea asked him hard financial and investor questions.  Listen to what he said including about using the NetCapital Company to help them in securing investment.  John talked some about his business plan and more but suggested those wanting more info to contact NetCapital. 

Fremont John  called to inquire about the cost per day or week for staying in the Voyager Station hotel. Check out the photos of the accommodations at the Voyager Station website per the above link.  John went over their pricing plan plus he told them about a Plan B pricing plan if the occupancy rate dropped.  He had much to say about the importance of the occupancy rate for pricing.  Fremont John asked additional question pertaining to market and demand for the hotel options.  This part of the discussion concluded with Jon talking about testing plans, outreach to the public and more.  John concluded the show by talking about their team members and suggesting them for additional Space Show programs on specific topics related to their on orbit construction, gravity ring, and the Voyager Station plans and activities.

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John talks orbital construction with his company Orbital Asseumbly Corp (

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08 Jan 2021 John Blincow
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