Broadcast 1101 (Special Edition)

08 Feb 2009 Dave Thompson
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Guest: Dave Thompson. Topics: Dr. Who, science fiction, Daleks, SONIC screwdriver, BBC, regeneration, James Bond. Join us for this most entertaining, informative, and pleasurable trip through the BBC television series, Dr. Who. Dave Thompson, in his book, "Eclectic Gypsy: An Unauthorized Biography of Doctor Who," starts us at the beginning of the famous British sci-fi television series and takes us down to the 11th Doctor who is about to make his appearance. Dave told us about the Daleks, his favorite alien race, the Cybermen, and the Slitheen. We compared British sci-fi to American science fiction, especially Star Trek and Robert Heinlein. We talked about the cultural and educational influences of Dr. Who, not just in the UK but everywhere. Dave Thompson received lots of fun questions from listeners and when Anthony called in from Poole, UK, we even talked about the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. One listener asked about the use of the phone booth in Dr. Who and we compared that to the use of a phone booth in other well known TV series and movies. Dave explained how he wrote the book, which is in the form of press releases and news stories from worlds visited by Dr. Who. The book is published by Collector's Guide Publishing, Inc. You can get more information at . You will absolutely enjoy this interview and if you are not already a Dr. Who fan, you might just become one! If you have questions or comments for Dave Thompson, you can use his website form, or you can email him at .



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