Broadcast 887 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

08 Feb 2008 Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Charles Lundquist
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Guests: Dr. Charles Lundquist, 1st hour; Dr. David Livingston, 2nd hour. Dr. Charles Lundquist was the guest for the first hour of this Space Show program. He was one of the original team members who launched Explorer 1, America's first satellite in space, on Jan. 31, 1958. Listen to Dr. Lundquist tell the story of Explorer 1, his work with the Von Braun team, the Army Ballistic Missile Center at the Redstone Arsenal and much more. Dr. Lundquist tells us some fascinating stories as we walk back in time with him as he helped make history that evening fifty years ago. Dr. Lundquist then takes us forward in time to some of his work with more recent space projects including his space pioneers oral history project at the University of Alabama, Huntsville Library. The second hour of this program (actually its closer to 1 hr, 45 minutes), as host of The Space Show, I deliver the First Annual Space Show State of Space Message. In this long speech, in the best tradition of our many of our long-winded presidents giving their own State of the Union speech, I cover space from the entrepreneurs, to NASA, and to the military. I talk about RLVs and the days of SSTO being just around the corner to knowing that I will soon flip a switch and my electricity will be coming to me from space solar power! Business planning, education, inspiring and leading others, politics, rhetoric, space tourism, and much more are the topics of this first Space Show State of Space message. I hope you have the patience to listen to it, I promise the message for next year will be shorter. If you have any questions or comments about either portion of this Friday Space Show program, please send them to me at



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