Broadcast 667 (Special Edition)

08 Feb 2007 John Powell
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John Powell, President and Founder of JP Aerospace, returned for this Space Show program. We started off the program with updates regarding JP Aerospace with current missions, recently completed mission, and future missions. John brought to our attention his advertising/logo programs which are readily available for interested people as a means to participate and support the work of JP Aerospace. Check it out at With listener questions and John's information, we spent considerable time reviewing and talking about the technical, engineering, and scientific aspects of balloon launch, atmospheric temperature, sunspots, and more. Several listeners asked John to go into the future and tell us where he sees his operation in 10-20 years. John's vision and methodology for accomplishing his vision are important and you will appreciate learning about both by listening to what he has to say. One listener asked John if because of balloons he was exempt from federal and AST regulation. Not so. You will want to hear about his specific regulatory environment and the balloon pilot requirements. John also talked again about the PongSat program, he pointed out many different and interesting pictures and mission analysis pages on his website and much more. He described both artic and and Antarctic vortexes and how they impact a balloon launch. You can continue to ask John questions or send him your comments at



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