Space Show Planned Upgrades For 2023. Please Donate Now. Thank You.

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Planned Space Show Upgrades for 2023.  Please Donate Now To The Space Show

As you know, The Space Show is now engaged in its annual fundraising campaign to raise funds to support the program for the coming year.  Since The Space Show is 100% listener supported, our campaign is vital to The Space Show having a strong broadcasting year for 2023, plus there are new projects we would like to undertake and bring active in 2023 based on available funding.

The first new project is to develop a Zoom capability for both audio and video programs.  This requires a dedicated computer for Zoom during the Zoom program given our existing equipment and setup.  It also requires our engineer to carry out onsite programming changes with our existing streaming system and equipment.  In addition to adding the Zoom capability for 2023, I would like to add back Space Show Classroom programs making use of the new added Zoom service. To bring back the Classroom requires additional guest connectivity options depending on guest Zoom audio quality and/or phone line audio quality.  When we were actively doing the Classroom several years ago, our engineer was also available for assisting guests in the setup to be part of our Classroom webinar.  This time around we will make Tom, our engineer, available for training to those Classroom guest participants that request it.  Engineering and training services for the Classroom and as needed for Zoom will represent an additional cost to Space Show annual overhead which will be paid for through our fundraising program.  Finally, The Space Show book is on schedule for completion and possible printing/distribution in the first half of the year.  While publication options have not yet been fully explored, one strong consideration is for The Space Show/OGLF to self-publish, then direct market the book on our programs and websites.  One way to sell and distribute the book would be as an additional OGLF fundraiser but if TSS/OGLF cannot afford to self-publish the book, just how The Space Show will be involved in distribution remains to be seen given what the publication company may demand.  If we decide to go with a publishing company, we might also encounter delays in getting the book published and to market.  There has been some very preliminary interest in publishing the book from space book focused publishers but my editor and I are not yet ready to make those hard choices.  That said, one thing for sure is that for these projects and possibly others to unfold in 2023, The Space Show needs strong funding support now in our annual campaign which is in full force with about 3 plus weeks to go.  Remember, since we are a 501C3 nonprofit, our campaign ends on Dec. 31.

The Space Show needs your supporting donation now.  Remember, as a nonprofit 501C3 your get a tax deduction for your gift if you pay federal taxes.  Besides the new features and benefits mentioned above, we currently offer all live broadcasts connecting you the listener directly to the guest via a toll free phone line and real time email.  We offer a dedicated blog for each and every show/guest.  This means if you want to comment as an archive listener or even after hearing the program live, you can do so on the specific blog for the specific guest on a specific date. Your blog comment does not get lost in the chatter of all the Space Show postings making it hard for others to find and read.  Instead, it posts directly to the program/guest in question and all listeners can easily see and access your post. We also connect interested listeners directly to our guests if they ask for that access.  While we are not a traditional podcast but a live internet talk radio broadcast, we do process the archives as a podcast and upload the mp3 to our list of podcast clients which include all the major podcasting sites for all platforms.  Don't forget that we invite, even encourage you to suggest guests for us. Whenever possible we pursue and invite the guests you have asked for in your emails or blog posts.  We do our best to deliver on these listener requests and we have a good track record in doing so.  One more thing which I believe is a benefit from Space Show programing is that we do not engage in soundbites.  We have in-depth discussions with our guests and listeners who call to talk with the guests.  Many time we hold the program on air longer to accommodate detailed listener calls or emails as we view Space Show programs as listener programs. 

I've listed just a few reasons why The Space Show is unique and why we offer benefits not offered by other space radio/podcasting programs.  I've outlined a few program we want to implement but doing so is based on our 2022 fundraising campaign success.  In the end, honestly, its all up to you, the listeners, the guests, the supporters.  When I tell you we are 100% listener/guest funded, that is 100% accurate.  Without your strong support, The Space Show will find it most challenging to deliver on even the most basic program needs.   

The easiest way to make a donation to The Space Show is to use PayPal. There is a large PayPal button on the upper right side of our home page,  This is the direct PayPal link which is the same as the button uses:  You can also use Zelle if your bank participates in the Zelle program.  One Giant Leap Foundation uses Chase Bank and the email address for using Zelle is  If you use Zelle, please make sure I have your email address for sending you a proper thank you for your gift.  For those of you wanting to write a check to support us, please make the check payable to One Giant Leap Foundation.  Mail it to OGLF, C/O Dr. David Livingston, 11035 Lavender Hill Dr., Suite 160-306, Las Vegas, NV  89135.  For your gift to be tax deductible for this year it needs to reach us by the end of the year or if using the mail be postmarked by the end of the year.

I do want to thank all of you for your previous support and your support and contributions for 2022 to finance us through the coming year, 2023.  It is a real honor to serve you with quality space education and related opportunities.  Since 2001 when The Space Show started, The Space Show listeners and guests have continued to educate me and to add great value to all aspects of my life.  I hope the same is true for each and everyone of you. It is important for me at this time of year to say THANK YOU for your support, friendship, wisdom, enjoyment and entertainment. 

Once again, than you for your support of The Space Show in the past and now as we wind down 2022.



Dr. David Livingston

The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation

Las Vegas, NV  89135



New Projects For The Space Show Next Year. Donate now to make it happen!

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08 Dec 2022 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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