Broadcast 848 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

08 Dec 2007 Thomas A. Olson, Dr. Paul Eckert
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Guests: Dr. Paul Eckert, Tom Olson.Dr. Paul Eckert & Tom Olson discussed the Space Investment Summit ( which was recently held in San Jose, CA. During this program, we went over the keynote speakers of the conference as well as the panels, their content and what was learned. We pointed out the superb networking opportunities that were available during this conference. International involvement was discussed and listeners asked about the globalization of space and American entrepreneurial leadership, and if American leadership in this area will hold up as other nations pursue space development. You will want to hear what our guests say about this. We also talked about the pointers given the space community by the VC presenters regarding the formula for making a good business pitch, presentation, Power Point, etc. In fact, one of the keynote speakers, Bill Reichert, Managing Partner for Garage Technology Ventures, told us about the informative and instructional slides available on their website in order to help entrepreneurs and others make effective presentations when raising capital. We also discussed the business plan presentations in regards to the different types of businesses being presented at this Summit. One listener asked about angel financing being represented at the conference as opposed to only venture capital and, as Paul and Tom pointed out, the conference was about seed and early stage funding for entrepreneurial space and space related businesses and did include angel financing. Another listener asked about businesses with possible long term payoffs, such as the space elevator, being represented at the conference. As pointed out, the business plans presented were primarily focusing on a much shorter time frame than the space elevator. Our guests announced that there would probably be two Space Investment Summit conferences for 2008, although the locations and details are still being discussed. The Space Show will announce this information as soon as it becomes available. In addition, the video, audio, and some of the Power Points from the conference will be archived on the Space Investment Summit website starting later this week so make sure you check the website ( for this information. If you want more specific information about this conference, please use the Contact link on the website which is and mention The Space Show in the subject line. Tom Olson can be contacted directly by using



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