Broadcast 635 (Special Edition)

08 Dec 2006 Dr. Christopher Jenkins
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Dr. Christopher Jenkins was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the discussion with a good working definition and short history of Gossamer Spacecraft, their history, their future, and their importance. Dr. Jenkins took us through many uses, potential applications and engineering barriers that still must be overcome. We talked about solar sails, the material being used and futuristic materials being developed. After listening to this program, Space Show listeners will clearly have a better understanding of the value of gossamer spacecraft and gossamer materials for use right here on Earth. We also talked about cutting edge science and funding issues and we discussed compliant structures, inflatable's, and bio-inspired paradigms and how nature solves critical problems. Listeners can ask Dr. Jenkins follow up questions or offer comments by going through me at His books are readily available on Just do a book search under his name.



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