Broadcast 175 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

08 Dec 2003 Greg Nemitz
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Greg Nemitz, the guest on this Space Show program, spoke extensively about space property rights, why property rights are so important, and the status of obtaining space property rights at this time. At the heart of the discussion is the litigation Mr. Nemitz has initiated against NASA and the U.S. for rent fees for their landing on asteroid Eros. Mr. Nemitz believes he followed existing law and claimed Eros well in advance of NASA landing on the asteroid. Mr. Nemitz published his claim on a well-visited public website that is well known as a repository for space property rights claims and much more. During this program, Mr. Nemitz explained why this case is so important regardless of the outcome, why he has undertaken this litigation, and what it means to a businessman raising investment capital. He brings the space property rights discussion to us with the perspective of an entrepreneur, not a lawyer. Mr. Nemitz will be returning to The Space Show when the outcome of this litigation is made public.



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