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Guest:  Ed Wright; Topics:  SSI conference updates for their Space Settlement Enterprise event to be held in Seattle Sept, 9-10, 2019. 

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We welcomed back Ed Wright to update us on the SSI Space Settlement Conference for early September in Seattle, Wa.  This was a one segment 64 minute discussion about the event.  I suggest you bring up the conference website page and follow along with us as Ed described both days of the events, the three panels that will take place each day, the panel chairman plus speakers, all of which are detailed on the site.  Find it all here:  Scroll down on the home page to   Register online at which is at the end of the section titled "Conference July 4th Sale on Conference Registration."  The Eventbrite page has all the conference information on it including panels, speakers, logistics, etc. 

Ed spent time talking about each day of the two day event.  There will be three two hour panels each day.  The panels are listed in order at the Eventbrite site.  In discussing them, Ed talked about the chairman and the panel members and some of the key issues facing each panel plus why that topic was selected.  As I said, he did this for each of the six panels, three on Monday and three on Tuesday. 

Ed suggested there might be a special Monday evening event.  He said if that falls into place, those registered will be told about it.  He also talked about both luncheons and told us who he thought the luncheon speakers would be but it did not seem as if either speaker was final.  As part of the same discussion, Ed was asked about networking opportunities of which there will be plenty so not worry about having time to meet, greet and exchange business cards and more. 

Listeners sent in several emails.  Many asked about logistics including hotels and transportation to and from the Museum of Flight from the hotel.  Ed said there was no conference room rate at the hotels he recommended nor was there any arranged transportation so he thought Uber would be the transportation of choice.  He also said lunch tickets were in short demand and the lunch area was smaller than the conference room so he urged those interested in the lunches to get their tickets early.  He was asked about an exhibit hall.  He said there was none but then again, you have the entire Museum of Flight to see which is one very cool exhibit hall!

Near the end of the discussion a listener from Atlanta sent Ed a note asking why there had been no mention of explaining to the public or anyone else why space settlement was important.  The listener wanted to know how SSI was planning to sell that as it moves forward with its plan to reboot the work of Gerard O'Neill.  Ed said it was an excellent question but then said the answer was part of a surprise announcement that would be made the first day of the event, probably at lunch, and all of us would have to wait for the announcement to get the answer to the question.  I did my best to get hints from Ed but was unsuccessful so this is a stay tuned for the answer suspense story.  Before we moved on, I stressed why it was such an important question and why it was so important as to the way SSI intended to deal with the issue.  I guess we wait until Sept. 9th to find out.

Before we ended the discussion, Ed was asked about international participation in both their event and in space settlement.  A listener also inquired about student rates and if there was a retired person rate.  Ed said they were still waiting for final approval from a few pending speakers.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can read Ed through the SSI and Eventbrite site or through his email address which he gave out on air at the end of our program.





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08 Aug 2019 Ed Wright
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