Broadcast 1032 (Special Edition)

07 Oct 2008 Dr. David C. Webb, Bob Werb, Dr. David J. Whalen
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Guests: David Webb and David Whalen (first hour) and Bob Werb (second hour) were our guests for this final combined episode of the Space Show television program filmed on location in Cape Canaveral Florida. David Webb was the first department chair of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota and then became the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the International Space University (ISU). Dr. Webb's role was crucial and fundamental leading up to the creation of ISU, and to the ISU Founders, Dr. Webb was the enduring and dedicated mentor and friend who helped make SEDS, Space Generation and ISU possible. We started our discussion with space education and how it has changed over the past 20 years, what students were like then versus how they are now. Then we changed course and started a discussion on space policy, the 50 year space plan, how we failed to sell space to the people, the role of NASA, and much more. In the second segment, we discussed past and potential future commercialization of space, why the public should care about space, and the future of manned spaceflight. You will want to hear this wide ranging discussion on these issues. Bob Werb of the Space Frontier Foundation was our guest today for this second hour and started the discussion by explaining to us about the importance of selling space for the long term and not the near term and then told us about the beginnings of the Space Frontier Foundation. Other topics we discussed on the show included why we have no polling data on space, the resources that can be found in space, and much more. Later in the program, Bob offered us a quote from "The High Frontier" by Gerald O'Neill, the expression of new ideas in NewSpace, reaching out to untouched markets, the difference between managing employees and managing volunteers at a nonprofit, STEM education, and more. Bob explained to use that he believes the message of the importance of space to different audiences, including NASCAR fans! You will certainly want to hear what he has to say about reaching new audiences! If you have a comment or question for any of these guests, please email and I will forward it to the appropriate person. If you want to view the The Space Show TV demo disk produced by Jim Lewis of CCI, please use this URL:



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