Broadcast 619 (Special Edition)

07 Nov 2006 Dr. Wendell Mendell
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Dr. Wendell Mendell returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Mendell started the discussion looking back over his 40 plus years of being with NASA and discussing how things have changed within the organization and based on my question, with the American public regarding space issues. I asked about his thoughts with the various NASA administrators that he has known and then we turned our attention to the main topic of the evening which focused on changes at NASA based on the VSE. Dr. Mendell went into some detail about the way NASA has changed, evolved and is now focusing on completing the VSE. His discussion is very interesting and revealing. Wendell also talked about Constellation, lunar architecture, and spin-off potential for going to the Moon. Wendell addressed listener questions about energy from space and the Moon, specifically space solar power. In response to my question about developing SSP on the basis of national security, Wendell addressed the issue of needing political leadership to champion such a program and cause. As we learned from Wendell, NASA is listening now, partnering with the private sector and others and has changed its attitude to accomplish the VSE as they know they cannot do it alone. You can ask Dr. Mendell follow up questions or give him your comments by going through me at



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