Broadcast 276 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 Nov 2004 Chip Proser
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Chip Proser, writer, director, cinematographer, and film producer, returns to the program to talk about his new DVD documentary, "Gaia Selene: Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon." This documentary consists of interviews between Chip and numerous famous and respected scientists about our current energy, climate change, global warming, and pollution problems. These scientists all point to possible, realistic solutions by returning to the Moon to use lunar resources to "mitigate these dangers and guarantee a human future. Gaia Selene, Mr. Poser's documentary, shows how we can avoid these threats and create an exciting new frontier of promise for mankind" and Mr. Proser discussed this information in detail on this program. We also talked about the entities likely to pursue development of these resources, from global corporations in the private-sector, to governments, public and private partnerships, even the United Nations. We talked about the ethics of these new space businesses, the profit potential, and the ROI characteristics, including the time to payout. This discussion included alternative low cost to orbit options now and in the future, possible barriers to realizing these potential solutions by U.N. treaties and other regulatory barriers. High among the list of options and businesses to pursue are those related to space solar power and lunar resource solar power beamed back to Earth. He3 was also discussed in detail during this program. Chip Proser was asked several questions about the politics involved to bring these solutions to fruition, how best to get the space community on board, Congress, and the public, and a host of other related subjects and issues. This is an exceptional documentary which will be on TV as well as available for purchase off Mr. Proser's website, During this interview, Chip also talked about his plans to produce a children's television series on these subjects, how to help him get the necessary network or industry commitment for such a series, and the interactive website where people can participate in building and developing Serenity Base ( see Listeners are urged to visit these websites, learn more about the documentary and to purchase it. Having seen an advance copy of it, for sure it will cause you to do some very serious thinking, in addition to seeing an entirely new set of mandatory reasons for commercializing space, returning to the Moon and opening space up to the private-sector for appropriate and Earth-saving technologies.



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