Broadcast 491 (Special Edition)

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Dr. David Livingston, Host of The Space Show, has recorded this 47 minute message while at ISDC 2006 to let Space Show listeners know that the program is now part of a tax deductible California public benefit corporation, the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF). Now that OGLF has been approved as a 501C3 by the IRS, Livingston explains some of the new types of programming being planned for The Space Show. Also, starting May 1, 2006, contributions to The Space Show will be tax deductible. This program serves as an introduction to what is being planned for The Space Show but watch the website newsletter and listen to coming shows as those will be the two main sources for letting you know how The Space Show will be continuing to evolve and grow. As always, questions or comments are welcome at



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07 May 2006 Dr. David Livingston
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