Broadcast 117 (Special Edition)

07 May 2003 Frank White
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Frank White, author of The Overview Effect is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. The Overview Effect is a very powerful and compelling book, detailing among many things, the transformative effect that space has had on those that have been fortunate enough to visit it. Frequent listeners to The Space Show have heard me reference this book many times as it is one of my absolute favorite of all space books. The Overview Effect first came out about 16 years ago and in it, Frank White essentially predicted globalization which he called "Terra." Mr. White discusses this issue with us in the context of his book. Mr. White also talks with us about the deeper elements of The Overview Effect, beyond the obvious impact of seeing the Earth from space and realizing it is a single unity. In short, Frank White does not think we really have realized that The Overview Effect has already transformed almost every aspect of our lives. He also talks with us about some of the views and perspectives of the astronauts, cosmonauts, and civilians that had visited space regarding what space, seeing the Earth from space, and the entire experience meant to them.



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