Broadcast 1524 (Special Edition)

07 Mar 2011 Eric Lerner
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Guest: Eric Lerner. Topics: Focus Fusion, fusion energy research and development. Fusion for space travel. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. We welcomed back Eric Lerner for updates with Focus Fusion and Lawrenceville Plasma Physics. At times our discussion was very technical, especially with some of the listener questions. Eric had much to say about fusion, his progress and accomplishments, and fusion for space travel. Visit his websites for more detailed information, and As we began our discussion with Eric, we learned that we still do not have net energy but work is proceeding and as I understand it, that goal is in site. Eric then talked about work and pictures with the plasmoid, confirming theories. This is an important discussion for understanding focus fusion and also our Space Show discussion. As our technical fusion dialog advanced, the first listener question asked Eric why he was able to report accomplishments and the formal fusion program with Tokomaks appeared to be problematic at best. Eric had much to say about the formal and traditional fusion programs, federal funding issues, and ITER. You do not want to miss what he had to say. One of his comments was that DOE and traditional fusion programs were not going on the right direction. The DOE and others had narrowly defined their options around 35 years ago so with narrowly defined approaches to fusion, the wrong path has been enhanced year after year. Toward the end of the first segment, Mr. Lerner was asked about other alternative fusion programs including the one with the Navy based on the work of Dr. Robert Bussard. Near the end of this segment, Kelly inquired about the size needed for a focus fusion reactor and the feasibility of using it with a car, semi, or airplane. Charles called in regarding his question about reactions with Lithium 7, Fluorine, and the use of deuterium-ritium neutrons. In our second segment, Eric returned our discussion to his accomplishments since he was last on the program in April 2010. Dave called in and Trent from Australia had a similar question, that is how can fusion be used to facilitate space travel and open up the space frontier. Eric and Dave talked about NASA funding opportunities but it was not clear fusion was eligible for NASA funding. As for fusion for space, Eric had much to say do don't miss this discussion. In our last segment, I explored the NASA no fusion funding policy with Eric and Harold in Las Vegas inquired about fusion projects outside the U.S. and how they were funded. Later in this segment, a listener asked Eric why he used the term scientific feasibility rather than breakeven. Eric also took a question about HE3 on the Moon as compared to boron here on Earth. Near the end, Eric talked some about alternative cosmology and the funding structure for his company for accredited investors. If you have comments or questions for Eric Lerner, please post them on the blog URL above. You can email him through the Lawrenceville website or Put The Space Show in the subject line.



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