Broadcast 201 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 Mar 2004 Dr. John Brandenburg
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Dr. John Brandenburg, research scientist, teacher, and science fiction author returned to The Space Show for this Sunday program. We started our discussion with Dr. Brandenburg about Mars and the recent NASA press conference regarding water on Mars. We discussed what this means, the ramifications for life on Mars in its past and possibly now, and how Mars science and research might be affected by the discovery of Martian biology. Dr. Brandenburg then began his discussion in detail concerning his newly released epic science fiction novel, "Morningstar Pass: The Collapse of the UFO Coverup." Not only did Dr. Brandenburg talk about how and why he wrote this novel, but he explained some of the issues surrounding a potential real life UFO cover-up scenario, including the fact were such a cover-up to be a reality, a constitutional crisis would most likely exist. Such a crisis would exist because our nation would have been making treaties with aliens without the advice and consent of the Senate, a practice that is clearly outside the law in the United States. Dr. Brandenburg described his plot and then he helped Space Show listeners to understand the significance of this novel for our present day reality. Dr. Brandenburg pointed out that because of his background, science and physics research and the projects he has been associated with, he was able to bring to readers a plausible setting for his novel. Dr. John Brandenburg is committed to our becoming space-faring and he believes his scientific research, work, and teaching, along with his science fiction writing helps move us in that direction. "Morningstar Pass" is the first of his trilogy series and we look forward to his publishing the next book in the series which he is already working on. By the way, his book is written under the name of Victor Norgarde.



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