Broadcast 727 (Special Edition)

07 Jun 2007 Gwynne Shotwell
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Gwynne Shotwell was the guest for this Space Show program. Ms. Shotwell began our discussion with a brief introduction and history for Space X and the Falcon rocket. We then discussed Space X and the Falcon is a most comprehensive way including listener questions and participation. Gwynne talked about COTS, Dragon, the Falcon 1, Falcon 9, launch locations and spaceports. She was asked about employment opportunities with Space X and fielded many listener questions on this topic, including several from students who would like to work at Space X. We also discussed Dragon being sold to other launch companies, we spoke about Space X competition and the Soyuz, and much more. ULA was factored into our discussion with Boeing and Lockheed, and we learned that at some point Space X might consider a water launch platform system. Gwynne even got a few questions about the Tesla Motor Car Company which is owned by Elon Musk. One listener asked about business systems per the June 2007 Wired Magazine article. We also talked about ways to lower launch costs through development of new materials and fuels and modernization of business systems which Space X is doing. There were listener questions about the Space Act Agreement regarding COTS and the markets seen by Space X should NASA not buy a COTS winning vehicle. Gwynne invited interested listeners to email her with resumes, employment questions, even large scale investment questions, plus follow up comments and questions from this program. Her email address is As pointed out, this is a comprehensive discussion about Space X, Falcon, the Falcon 9, future Space X launch and business plans., views 5 and 8 years out for space development, the VSE, and much more. You do not want to miss this program.



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