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We welcomed both Dr. Andreas Tziolas and Mike Mongo to the show to discuss the upcoming Starship Congress to be held in Monterrey, CA from August 7-9, 2017.  We started our nearly 96 minute one segment discussion with an opening statement by Mike Mongo that included references to The Space Show and Hotel Mars.  I quickly took the opportunity to ask Mike for feedback on Hotel Mars since I seldom get such feedback and there are not that many blog posts on the Hotel Mars program archives.  I was interested in his Hotel Mars feedback and yours so don't hesitate to share it with us by posting on Hotel Mars archive pages or this program's archive page.

We then switched to talking about the upcoming Starship Congress. The website can be found at as well as their Facebook and Twitter sites.  The Congress, as you will hear, is part of Icarus Interstellar (  Both Mike and Andreas explained the format of the Congress to us as it is held every two years and this year will be the third such Congress.  They said attendance runs to about 350 people, it is single track and there is still a chance to submit a paper for giving a talk but as you will hear the time for submitting your abstract is NOW.  You can see the Call for Papers and rules at the website provided above.  Note that the Congress theme focuses around the question of what the Moon means to interstellar resources and flight.  Don't miss what our guests had to say about this topic and the Congress theme.

Our guests did talk about a few of the major and most significant keynote speakers.  Dr. Dr. Miguel Alcubierre who created the warp drive concept in physics that has been getting significant research and funding in recent years will be with us from Mexico City.  This is a rare treat as Dr. Alcubierre does not make that many talks, especially in English.   David Brin, one of our most distinguished science fiction and visionary authors will be with us for a keynote talk.  David was a Space Show guest on Sept. 23, 2013 but this time it will be great to hear him in person.  Both Andreas and Mike said the website was not yet finished, that the schedule and speakers would soon be published as it is all being worked out and a few more papers may still be accepted.  If you sign up for announcements on their website, you will get all this information on a timely basis.

We talked conference logistics and the hotel which is the Hyatt in Monterrey.  Our guests said rooms are still available but they won't be much longer. If you are intending to go and if you plan on staying at the event hotel, you should get your reservation in very early. 

We talked about interstellar flight, the Break Through Prize Foundation and I mentioned Dr. Pete Worden giving a talk at the recent NewSpace Conference.  We also talked about the work being done by Dr. Phil Lubin at UCSB on laser propulsion for the wafers and interstellar flight. 

Mike and Andreas described each day of the three day Congress.  These daily themes are on the website but include working for massive space access which means space access for everyone.  They also push for massive commercial space infrastructure development and returning to the Moon as a stepping stone to Mars and interstellar flight.  Don't miss what our guests had to say about this and what is said about each daily topic on their website.  Andreas and Mike also talked about other key figures in space and technology development, relating their work to the purpose of the Starship Congress.  Don't miss this connect the important dots discussion.

Kim from Moonwards called from Mexico to talk about the Congress being single track, conference and program management to avoid being overwhelmed by amazing content, plus the importance of having a longer view toward the Moon as she has with Moonwards.  Kim will soon be returning to The Space Show where we can explore her longer view in more detail, plus hear more about her participation at the Starship Congress..

Before the program ended, Andreas and Mike made a point to talk about how the Congress is accessible to everyone and we talked about hearing issues.  I had much to say about this as I do have a hearing problem and often run into obstacles because the audio is not good for people with hearing issues.  This is true for movies and TVs and sometimes for conferences.  You do not want to miss what they said about accessibility as it relates to making space available for everyone.  Finally, the Congress has a Kickstarter campaign underway which is a major funding arm for the work of Icarus Interstellar.  Listen to what our guests had to say about the campaign, Congress membership and more.  To find out more about their Kickstarter campaign, visit


Please post your comments/questions for this show on TSS blog.  You can reach Andreas or Mike through me as well as the Congress website.




The upcoming Starship Congress in Monterrey, CA early August 2017

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07 Jul 2017 Dr. Andreas Tziolas, Mike Mongo
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