Broadcast 1271 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 Dec 2009 Jason Aranha, Samantha Snabes
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Guests: Samantha Snabes, Jason Aranha. Topics: Go Boldly Campaign, human spaceflight, NASA. Our program today focused on the Go Boldly Campaign started by young aerospace industry professionals to urge our elected representatives to provide increased funding for NASA's human spaceflight programs. Our guests, Samantha Snabes and Jason Aranha, both part of the Go Boldly Campaign in Houston, were with us to talk about this program and their respective perspectives on space development, NewSpace, NASA and our civil space program, and human spaceflight. In our first segment our guests told us about the Go Boldly organization that has about 45 members. You can visit their website and send a letter to your member of congress by going to Copy and paste their letter for your own letter to your representative. We talked about space exploration as well as the NASA science missions. Listeners asked our guests many STEM education related programs. Each guest was asked how they got into their space career. As you will hear, Jason came from Brazil where he said there was not much of a space awareness in his country so his interest came about once he was in the U.S. Samantha said she was from an underserved environment but met key people that helped her along the way with her education and more. I am sure you will find their stories fascinating as they demonstrate how one can go for a space career regardless of their environment or background. In segment two, we talked about the outreach efforts of our guests, both with the Go Boldly program as well as in their own lives to promote and discuss space development. Samantha and Jason talked about speaking with Members of Congress, even visiting their offices, along with their student outreach efforts. In segment three, we led off with our guests telling us about their social networking with Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in following Go Boldly with these networks, note their instructions for finding them on each service. Jason spoke about the focus of NASA to explore and go to points that the private sector cannot go to at this time. Samantha talked about routine space missions which is what Earth to LEO is becoming and we all agreed that NASA should be focusing on the missions that are not routine. We talked about Ares 1 and also converting EELV to human spaceflight so you will want to hear this discussion. As the segment came to its close, Jason talked about his vision for space and Samantha talked about space benefits. NewSpace and suborbital space tourism came up and as you will hear, our guests stay in touch with and are very supportive of NewSpace. In fact as you will hear, Samantha's boss was at Mojave for the unveiling of SS2 today. If you want to find out more about Go Boldly or send an email question or comment to either of our guests, do so using Please reference The Space Show in the subject line.



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