Broadcast 579 (Special Edition)

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Hello to anyone listening out there and Space Show listeners. I'm the host of The Space Show, Dr. David Livingston, and The Space Show is now bringing you another Deep Space Message. This message comes to you from Leonard and Barbara David of Colorado. Leonard and Barbara, on behalf of The Space Show, we appreciate your participating in our Deep Space Program. Dr. David Livingston, Host The Space Show Deep Space Message – From Leonard and Barbara David Hello out there from over here… Glad we caught your ear or antenna or any other bio-audio device you’ve got plugged in. We’re here on a place called Planet Earth… in a country called the United States of America in a region called Colorado… living UP here at 9,000 feet in the mountains… Just so we could be closer to you! Here in our country, the citizens just elected a new leader. This has brought great hope to many of us, who felt our leaders for the last eight years were not making the right decisions and were creating a lot of enemies for us around the world – making us all blue on our blue planet. Our planet looks blue from outer space because it is more than 70% water. Many of us now feel empowered to help our leaders make the changes that will help improve life for everyone on our planet. We are looking for ways to have cleaner air to breathe, cleaner water to drink, healthier food to eat, better use of our energy resources, and meaningful work to do, among other needs. This would make people very happy here. Our hope is that we can help bring an end to conflict on our planet – people fighting, killing and injuring each other because they either want something the other people have, or they want to control other people, or oppress others because of their beliefs. It seems impossible in these more technologically advanced times on Earth, when communication has become so easy, that we still have war. We all would love to meet in peace with intelligent beings from other planets and learn what your lives are like…how you are solving challenges on your planet. We have built spaceships that are exploring our solar system, and some of our people have been to our Moon, but we do not think there is any other intelligent life on the planets and moons in our solar system. Our powerful telescopes have just recently discovered that there are quite a number of planets beyond our group of worlds, orbiting around other stars. This is very exciting for us. Our technology is not advanced enough to be able to build vehicles that could travel to other solar systems yet. We are kind of lonely over here - so please try to communicate with us. Send us a signal... Over and out from blue planet Earth. That’s us…Third planet from our star…and we’re the ones waving. HELLLLLLO OUTTTT THERE….. This again is Dr. David Livingston, Host of The Space Show. The Space Show wants to thank Leonard and Barbara for this important Deep Space Message for the benefit of all on The Space Show, for all mankind and humanity, and for anyone listening as this Deep Space Message is transmitted through the solar system. Its a message for us all and our interstellar community. Leonard and Barbara, thanks on behalf of The Space Show.



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07 Dec 2008 Leonard David, Barbara Sprungman-David
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