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Guest: David Hook was our guest for this Space Show program bringing us up to speed on the TSA's proposed rule changes for aircraft weighing in excess of 12,500 lbs. David's company, Planehook Aviation Services, LLC, has created eight videos on YouTube for people to see and learn how to respond to the TSA prior to the close of the comment period. To see these videos, go to the YouTube and search for the Planehook channel. There, you will find the eight videos (please see To the right, you will see the other Planehook videos. During the interview, David explained the proposed regulations and we talked about why one should care and oppose them. We went into the proposed regulations from an economic and business perspective as well as from the security perspective. In addition, we talked about the proposed changes by AST for personal spaceflight vehicles and while TSA and AST are separate regulatory bodies, they merge at certain airport/spaceports such as Mojave. Hear what David Hook had to say about the potential of serving two masters, the AST and TSA. Later in the program, we asked about TSA applications from the aviation field to the cruise, yacht, commercial fishing, and other boats out of our ports. TSA is already involved in port security from the cargo perspective but given the direction TSA wants to go with general and business aviation, it's not a far stretch to think that there will be regulations applicable to cruise and related port activity. This program is a comprehensive discussion of these issues as well as an instructional guide for anyone wanting to provide TSA with comments. You can learn more about this issue by visiting Planehook's website at . If you have questions or comments for David Hook, you can send them through me at or directly to David at



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07 Dec 2008 David Hook
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