Broadcast 285 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 Dec 2004 Dr. David Criswell
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Dr. David Criswell spoke to Space Show listeners about the realities of space solar power beamed to Earth, specifically from the Moon. So far this was the most thorough discussion yet on The Space Show for this topic. All aspects of the space solar power issue were examined, including solar power from Mercury, LEO or other orbits above Earth, and the Moon. The benefits, costs, and risks were discussed in detail. In addition to the solar power discussions, we talked about He3, Fusion, Hydrogen, infrastructure requirements, and the politics of beaming solar power to Earth from the Moon and what this would mean for people everywhere on this planet, from China, to India, to us here in the United States. Dr. Criswell made an exceptional case for developing beamed solar power from the Moon to the Earth and to begin seeing Earth as a two planet-like system, the Moon and the Earth. We concluded our discussion by talking about ways listeners and others could help expedite the development of beaming solar power to Earth, how the space advocate organizations could help out, and who we should write letters to besides U.S. lawmakers. This program is an absolute must for anyone concerned about our planet, becoming space-faring, our energy needs today as well as into the future, and the soundness of our economy. If you have questions for Dr. Criswell after hearing the program or have trouble finding the papers he references in his discussion, please e-mail and I will get the links to you for his papers that he mentioned and forward your e-mail to him.



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